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I Can See More People in Less Time

"Platinum is a fast, responsive and customizable system that works. We spend less time trying to customize the Doctors EHR screen. The software helped manage member flow better. Platinum exceeds expectations in that regard. I was extremely frustrated with trying to get my old system working properly and several of our colleagues were using Platinum and raved about it. Platinum made sure we were up and running and were comfortable with the software. Customer service was off the charts good. Once it was set up and we were comfortable with it, the note taking is fast and responsive and doesn't lag.

I feel liberated from constantly being an amateur "IT" person! I can do what I am born to do (be a Chiropractor) rather than fiddling with the computers to get them to run the software. Platinum is so efficient that I can see more people in less time. Check in is a breeze!!"

—Dr. Michael Garman, Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Tulsa


Platinum Support is Top Notch

"We needed to have everything needed on the treatment side on one screen without clicking! From the doctor's screen we can see their frequency, if they missed visits, we can see the entire spine with what areas we're adjusting and which ones if any are contraindicated. We can see main complaint, and even X-rays! Additionally, we needed to not miss any CPT codes. We can hard code visits so nothing is missed on the billing side.

We had a very poor customer service experience with another vendor prior to the change to Platinum — Tech support would take hours and sometimes days to get back to us. Platinum support is top notch and consistently answers in minutes.

We highly recommend Platinum to any colleagues looking for EHR. The biggest benefit has been TIME! We're not having to do SOAP notes at the end of a shift."

— Dr. Aliya Gard, Gard Wellness Center


"Platinum helped us defeat brain overload!"

Customizing tabs and understanding how to use Platinum for our office was made easy with the help of Platinum's support staff.

The support we received was amazing. The Platinum staff was patient and encouraging. We chose Platinum because of the price, flexibility, ease of SOAP notes and easy billing.

— Dr. Kim Meier,
Meier Chiropractic, MT


"This Program Has Answered All Of Our Needs"

"We see over 100 patients a day and could not find a software program that could keep up with our growth. Initially we were intimidated, as it seemed as though there was a huge learning curve to the program, but once we flung ourselves into it, the design and processes are very logical, once you are familiar with the elements of the screens. This program has answered all of our needs, and continuously expands with our growth.

We had literally tried 10 different patient accounting programs, one of which had a $40,000 price tag (in the 1990's) and they would inhibit our growth because they were not efficiently designed to allow us to treat more patients.

Platinum has resolved the majority of our needs. It has enables us to double our practice size easily, affordably, and efficiently."

—Dr. Edward Carpenter
​​​​​​​Lexington Spinal Care, SC

"Platinum Brought Me Peace of Mind"

"Having been a client of Atlas and then Genesis/Billing Precision, I was looking for an EHR that was compliant AND ideal for cash practices. I was tired of getting gouged for not billing insurance, and I wanted a program that didn't take my staff two years to learn.

I was facing an issue as a high volume office in staying compliant with my first visit/re-exam/daily soap notes. It was overwhelming, frustrating, and costly. Platinum brought me peace of mind and saved not only man hours, but also those "middle-of-the-night freak out moments."

Platinum has been a practice changer; it has grown with me and shrunk with me. It has become a constant in a practice that has evolved over the last 10 years. I can't imagine using any other EHR! Saved man-hours and overhead expense training a staff, zero downtime compared to cloud based systems, peace of mind...how much would you pay for that?!"

— Dr. Josh Bonine
​​​​​​​South Texas Spine and Knee


"Best Investment I've Ever Made."

"The functionality caters to patient-centered service and fast charting. Other systems focus on following medical models. I’d never consider changing back – you’re the best investment I’ve every made into my practice! Even my IT person was able to quickly integrate with Platinum."

— Dr. Scott Sawyer,

Sawyer Chiropractic Group, CA

"Hands down better customer service than competitors!"

"Platinum is the most superior patient management software system on the market. Excellent record keeping."

— Dr. Fox

Espanola Chiropractic, NM


"We were looking to streamline our clinic system; it had to make life easier. Platinum exceeded our expectations. All aspects of running a high volume practice are easier because of Platinum. It's been a huge stress reducer!"

— Dr. Jeffery Schels
​​​​​​​Advanced Chiropractics, TX

"Back in 1989 or 1990 we started working with Claude and Chirologic. We were some of the first people giving Claude information as to how our clinic worked and what our needs were at the time. He developed a tool for us to use to simplify our procedures. Modules were gradually added on to the system.

These modules helped the staff to do things more effectively in an ordered fashion. Less things were left to chance by using the system. You can use Platinum as an effective tool without being a slave to it. It can be personalized for each office. Platinum does great work!"

— Dr. Russell O'Neill
​​​​​​​Clinique Chiropratique, QC


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